Social media platforms are more powerful now and Reddit is one of them that come with wide range of services. Social media is not just limited to make new friends and networking now. Social media comes with lots of marketing tools that you can use to promote your business. Reddit comes with a wider spectrum. Reddit is quite different from the other forums, which is more dedicated to providing knowledge, news, information etc. If you have the article link to share with the entire Reddit community then the platform will give you the chance to upload the link. As you upload the link, you may have the conversation related to that topic with other members on the platform.

Reddit is an open forum and you can comment on any article, you can easily pass the comment both in against and favor of it. Reddit allows you to share your ideas and thoughts freely.

With Reddit, you will get some additional feature called Karma. This is a kind of reward program that you can get from the other Reddit users if you have an Impressive article. Getting karma is not much easy. To gain the reward, you need to have more than 100 votes in a day. With this reward, you will get a good chance to appear on the front page of Reddit.

Reddit is quite easy to access and very easy to use. You will get a number of options to make all your work easier. If you need to check the best result and the most voted articles, you need to check the “recommended” option. In Reddit, you can comment also on the ads that keep coming up on the page. If you don’t like an ad, then you need to enter a comment at the “Reddit this ad” option and you can take the further steps then.

Reddit comes with an option like “start page” where you can see the names of the karma winners. You will also get a useful option called “start page”. This place may allow you to see the list of names of people who have been considered previously as the top achievers of karma.

To post your own article on Reddit, you need to have your own profile.

With the help of your own email address, you can create easily your profile. As you get your own profile on the platform, you can post an article of yours or about your offered service or product. If you need to vote for others then after each and every article you will find an arrow option, for the positive vote, press the “up” arrow.  For the negative vote, you need to press on the “down” arrow. For each and every positive vote the owner of the article gets one point. On the other hand, for every negative vote for article owner will give a negative point. Reddit works for spreading knowledge and increasing traffic for your business. You can use all these tools for your benefits to gain more traffic and this is the best option for online marketing. Subreddits and the front page have several separate categories like ‘Hot’, ‘New’, ‘Rising’, ‘Controversial’, ‘Top’, ‘Gilded’ and ‘Promoted’ etc. All the features of Reddit are very easy to use.

Reddit dominators will come with the features or tools that you can increase more traffic:

Account manager:

This marketing tool allows you to upload, clear, delete, assign and proxy your Reddit account.


For Reddit marketing, you can use this tool. This works for blog posts optimization, A/B posting and recognize. To make the first impression, you can use this platform and can gain more traffic for your blog. It has a test version that tests up to the blog posts for predicting the way of reader’s engagement.

Hoot Suite

This is a favorite tool of the online marketers that automate easily social media posting. You can mix up the Tweetdeck to make the power-sharing option more powerful. These are free tools and come with an auto-update option.

Sales Fusion

This is another great tool for social media marketing. This tool focuses more on customer relationship management. It helps you to generate great leads.

Vocus marketing suite

Vocus is an all in one, multipurpose tool that can enhance your experience of a lead generation. It comes with the combination of email, social and searches options. Here you can send directly the press releases for best PR approach.


This reddit tool can enhance your brand awareness through different types of publishing, engagement in social media and analytics. This is a certified tool for marketing in reddit. It may help you to manage multiple campaigns.


This versatile platform utilizes the marketing automation, lead management program and email marketing. To combine several marketing efforts, this tool is very much efficient. It also comes with excellent customer service.