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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about buying Reddit accounts address security, delivery times, and support. Buyers seek information on safety, authenticity, and replacements. Clarity in responses ensures a smooth purchase.

When can I expect my reddit account to come in?

Typically, we aim to deliver accounts within 1-2 hours timeframe.

How will I get the account after making the purchase?

Upon completing your payment for the Reddit account order, you will immediately receive a downloadable text (txt) file containing both the username and password.

What is the process for updating the email address?

To update your email on Reddit, visit, enter your new email and password, save, click “Resend” for verification, and you’ll receive a confirmation.

Is it possible for me to review the usernames before making a purchase?

Certainly, you can request to view the username of any account listed before making a purchase.

Do you provide replacement in case the account experiences functionality issues?

Yes, we provide replacement accounts after a 24-48 hour investigation confirms the issue was caused by us.

How can I change my Reddit account password?

To change your Reddit password, log in, visit, enter your current password, provide a new password, and click “Save.” Done! Your password is updated.

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